The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is Coming – What Can We Expect From It

Samsung had some success with the release of Galaxy Fold last year in September, which is an exciting combination of both smartphone and tablet in one single device. However, the gadget has been received pretty bad during the first several months, with many users claiming that it’s way too fragile. Even Samsung admitted it and didn’t try to hide it at all.

Therefore, the South-Korean behemoth has to treat judiciously the release of the sequel Galaxy Fold 2, which is expected to land on the market early this year. Samsung fans are always hard to satisfy.

Same camera setup as Samsung Galaxy S20+

This means that Galaxy Fold 2 will be packing a quad-camera setup on the rear capable of shooting photos at 64 MP. Also, the video recording will be in 4K format. These specs would make Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 the perfect camera gadget for any household.

Even more, the selfie camera for the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be placed under the display. There had been plenty of rumors online about such kind of an invisible selfie camera, but nothing certain. However, the next Galaxy Fold from Samsung is likely to have such a camera, and it would be a world premiere for smartphones.

The S Pen will be present

According to the latest rumors, Galaxy Fold 2 will also be selling along with the S Pen, which enables the user to use the gadget a lot more easily. Nonetheless, the good news doesn’t stop for the upcoming device: Samsung will make the upgrade to the Ultra-Thin Glass display. The first Galaxy Fold model had only a plastic film.

We can’t wait for Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 to be released, and we expect it to be pretty expensive. By comparison, the first model is being sold for prices around the amount of $1,499, so we can’t expect the sequel to be anywhere cheaper than that.

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