The Elder Scrolls 6​ Might Adopt a Different Model ​Than the Rest of the Series

The Elder Scrolls 6 is one of the most expected games in the industry. Over the years, numerous rumors and speculations have surrounded the title, but one thing can be taken into consideration: the game might come at a later date than we initially expected.

A few details about the title have been ‘leaked,’ however, by Todd Howard, the executive director, in his interviews.

The developer, Bethesda Game did not release anything significant yet about The Elder Scrolls 6; however, there is a lot of information regarding it that fans have failed to observe from the executive’s interviews. One of these details regards the model of the game.

Howard said during an interview with GamingBolt that the game studio intends to do something with The Elder Scrolls 6​ so fans can play it for ten years and more. This statement could mean that Bethesda intends so that the game will support the Game As A Service model, or otherwise known as GAAS.

For a bit of background, GAAS are games launched with little content; these games depend on the regular content releases from the developing team. This kind of game model has widely spread in the gaming industry as the majority of studios launch very little content and roll out gradual content releases to keep the game interesting for a long period. This model is, however, detested by many players, and it would be extremely frustrating if Bethesda would do this to The Elder Scrolls 6​.

With a bit of luck, Howard’s statement might not even be with regards to The Elder Scrolls 6​ coming with the GAAS model. It is likely that the details concerning the longevity of the game might actually refer to the various mods that enabled Skyrim to be relevant and active over a long period.

In regard to the release window of The Elder Scrolls 6​ as yet, what numerous analysts have suggested were proven incorrect. However, if we are to base it on a statement given by Peter Hines, Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, it appears that the highly expected game might launch sometime between 2024 and 2025.

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