Skyrim Cheats on PS3 – Infinite Money and XP

The console version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is trickier to cheat on. This is because the console does not have te option of inserting the cheats as commands. This is how the PC differs from the console experience, as it is much more fluid.

Despite this, you are able to cheat at Skyrim if you own a PS3. This can be done with the help of glitches and exploits within the console version of the game. In this article, we will list some of the cheats you can use while playing Skyrim on your PS3.

Skyrim cheat: Infinite Money

Get on any horse you can and go to Winterhold. When you arrive at this location make a sharp right without wandering anywhere. Your destination is called the Sightless Pit, to the SW. Above the Sightless Pit, there is a mountain with an altar on it. At the altar, there is a skeleton that has a book near it called The Doors to Oblivion.

You need to get the book and kill the skeleton. More skeletons will try to end you after that. Loot the body on the first skeleton more than once. The book will appear every time on the body. Each one of the books is worth 50 gold, so get to looting and selling.

Skyrim cheats: Infinite XP and sneaks XP

Be in the dark brotherhood. In case you are not, go to Windhelm and get a quest from a boy, Aventus Aretino. After doing this quest go to the Dark Brotherhood in Falkreath. Say the passcode you have receive there.

Go to the Redguard, get the contracts, find Astrid. Get to sneaking with her by using the shrouded clothes she gave you. Attack her with a one-handed weapon. Because she never dies this raise your sneak level constantly. Your gain regular XP too.

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