Red Dead Online Update Adds the Naturalist Role

Red Dead Online players have a new Frontier Pursuit role to occupy themselves with thanks to the latest update that now allows players to become a Naturalist. Being a Naturalist in this case means exploring, finding legendary beasts, and amassing skills to add to your resources similar to opportunities offered by the other main roles. With the Naturalist occupation comes some more NPCs added to the online game as part of the update that players can speak with to further their missions. New weapons and tools are also accessible to players who now decide to head down the Naturalist path.

Just as we’ve seen with the other roles that make up the Frontier Pursuits specialties, the Naturalist job got its own trailer to welcome it to the online game. It introduced players to Harriet Davenport and Gus Macmillan who will guide players in their Naturalist efforts depending on which party players choose to support and which rewards they think are most worth it. Davenport is more geared towards preservation with rewards like Sedative Varmint Cartridges and Animal Revivers while Macmillan will turn animal hides – including those from Legendary Animals – into unique rewards like clothing and trinkets.

Those Legendary Animals are new to Red Dead Online with this update and can be encountered out in the wild if you’re off on your own, but the Naturalists will have more opportunities to interact with the new feature.

“As your Naturalist activities progress, you’ll start to encounter Legendary Animals – these distinctive creatures can be discovered both in Free Roam and through Animal Sighting assignments commissioned by Harriet,” Rockstar Games said about the new feature. “Using the Legendary Animal Map as a guide, you’ll learn the locations of their native habitats and then follow information in the Animal Field Guide to locate each one – ultimately deciding whether to obtain samples for Harriet and earn precious rewards, or poach them and have Gus turn their hides into ostentatious apparel for your wardrobe.”


Things like the Advanced Camera can also now be purchased to make players more mobile when tracking their targets. Once you’re on top of whatever you’re hunting, the Improved Bow and Elephant Rifle weapons will make it easier to take them down.

It wasn’t long ago that Red Dead Online players were clamoring for a new update of some sort by organizing their online efforts accordingly. Rockstar promised afterwards that more updates would be on the way as evidenced by today’s release.

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