Power Rangers Movie Reboot Will Reportedly Take Place in TV Show Continuity

It’s already been a busy day for Power Rangers movie news, but the details just keep on coming, and this latest detail is kind of a big deal. To get you up to speed, a report from Illuminerdi stated that the upcoming Power Rangers movie from Hasbro and Paramount would in fact feature time travel, but also added some other big details like an expanded Ranger team, a female lead, and the villain. Now a new update has revealed that the upcoming film will actually take place within the same continuity as the television show, meaning that all of the previous seasons and characters will have existed in the world Hasbro is bringing to film.

That’s huge, as it opens up the door in a huge way for legendary Rangers, classic locations, and other aspects of the franchise to be featured i this new movie universe. The 2017 Power Rangers reboot was just that, a complete reboot, so it started its own mythology, though it did have the main elements of the franchise in place.

This also makes the time travel element even better. The pat report said that the new team of Rangers will be sent back in time by Zordon to the Mighty Morphin era, and that Lord Zedd will be the main villain. Now, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be later in the Mighty Morphin era, meaning we could perhaps see older versions of our favorite characters make an appearance, like Austin St. John recently did in Beast Morphers.

The first report also states that the all-new Ranger team will not necessarily be limited to 5 Rangers, and it will include an original lineup of heroes. Hasbro is also looking to create a truly diverse cast, which will include different races and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Those sources also say that there are plans to cast a female lead. The last bit of news is that the film is potentially shooting in New Zealand, which is where the shows typically film.


All that’s conjecture at this point though, and it’s important to note that Hasbro hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the movie yet other than the fact that they’re working on one.

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