Porsche 912 and a Tesla with Vintage Restorations

A Tesla and Porsche crossover or how to redesign a giant’s structure it could be now, possible. The connoisseurs took some brave new directions for the future of vintage cars.

We all know that the Tesla brand can be seen almost, everywhere. And that’s only because their effectiveness and systems are the ones which we can rely on. A video of a 1968 Porsche 912 resurfaced on YouTube and it’s totally killing it. The Porsche model seemed that it surely enjoys its resurrection, with the help of a Tesla motor, model S P85.

This only fueled the automakers inspiration, like the Aston Martin did with one of their old E-Type models, making it electric (see Prince Harry’s wedding).

A team of cars lovers formed by David Bernardo who has an amazing company, called Zelectric Motors, one that believed in old Beetles and Microbuses giving them an electric future, and EV West, a performance shop, succeeded to do any hard project, involving vintage cars.  A good example is the Porsche 912 beauty which will make us wonder how that is even possible?! The team took what it appeared to be a rusty chassis and made it famous, once again, by installing the beast of a 550-horsepower electric motor.

The 912 model benefits from a Tesla electric motor, a throttle pedal, inverter, and a differential, too. In terms of battery functionality, the Porsche model proudly uses a 32kWh pack from LG Chem, which it was precisely divided into two parts of 16kWh, in order to create the perfect balance. Still, the car will only get you around with the power of 140 miles.

The Tesla-Porsche crossover will surely lead to some other greater things, too, for the next developers. EV West wants to distribute for selling a 912 conversion kit for a price of about $50,000.

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