Pokemon GO Patch 0.151.0 Details Update Available with New Changes

Recently, Pokemon GO developers released a new version update for the game. Some Android users noticed that there aren’t a lot of differences between the new version and the previous one. The APK is available for download.

What was actually changed

While no official news about the update were released, Pokemon GO players searched for changes in the game, and a few were reported these days.

One of the main reported changes is the fact that battles with Team Rocket members show the HP of your Pokemon before entering.

A new egg hatch screen was added.

Pokemon now appear closer.

New Shadow and Fall Pokemon

Data miners worked hard after the new update was released, and after some intense research in the game files, they discovered that many new Shadow Pokemon have been added to the game’s source code. However, these Pokemon are not available yet as Shadow Pokemon, but it’s likely that they will be added in the future.

Additionally, four starter Pokemon received some additional code, their game file id’s being:


It’s very uncertain what the “FALL” part of the id’s represents. The community is already making speculations: some debate whether the word stands for the season or it goes way deeper, having a more resonant effect, like “The Fallen Pokemon”.

Only time will tell what the new code that was added to the game represents, as no patch notes were released and developers are keeping their mouths shut when asked by fans.

What is certain is the fact that devs are surely trying their best to improve gameplay and add new features and details to keep players entertained, so let’s all be patient and let them surprise us!

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