Photo: Rusev (Miro) Shows off New Hair Color

Former WWE Superstar Rusev, now going by Miro, revealed via his Twitch stream on Tuesday that he had dyed his hair blonde. The former United States Champion and his wife Lana teased the change via their social media accounts over the past few days, but he’d kept the change a secret up until now. He explained that he was with Lana while she was getting her hair done and decided “why not?” He then joked about how he looks like the rapper Eminem and that he’ll be “Slim Shady Incognito” when he makes his upcoming trip back to his home country of Bulgaria.

Rusev was one of the 30+ wrestlers WWE released back on April 15 as part of a cost-cutting measure. As of now he still hasn’t revealed where he’ll go next.

(Photo: Twitch/mirotwch)

Back on July 12 Miro revealed he had tested positive for COVID-19.

“I am absolutely positive for COVID-19. I am absolutely 100 percent, super mega incredibly positive. Yes, I got the phone call from the doctor….” he said, recalling taking the test and getting contacted by a doctor….”


“I feel great. I kind of knew with the whole smell and taste thing, but this just confirms it,” he continued. “The good thing is I found out about delivery.”

In late June Lana and Miro started popping up in each other’s social media feeds and videos again. The pair had kept kayfabe during their love triangle storyline with Bobby Lashley, which started in last September and technically didn’t end until Lashley dumped Lana after she cost him a WWE Championship match at Backlash. He has since moved on to work in The Hurt Business faction with MVP and Shelton Benjamin, while Lana has started managing Natalya.

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