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Tenet Reportedly Needs to Gross $800M to Break Even

In case you were holding out hope that Tenet might find itself on video-on-demand services in lieu of a traditional box office release, you might want to forget about the notion as quickly as you can. After all, the Christopher Nolan thriller is going to need all the help it can get at the box … …

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DC Brings Back One of Its Weirdest Villains Ever

We’re a few years into the DC Rebirth relaunch, which has married together some parts of the DC Comics continuity in surprising ways. Quite a lot of characters have been recontextualized for the modern era over the past few years, or simply plucked back out of the more obscure parts of the canon. The latest … …

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Australia Offers $280 Million for Film and TV Productions After COVID-19 Shutdowns

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on the film and television industry, as a large number of productions remain shut down due to social distancing guidelines. A handful of productions have been able to begin resuming operations in countries and locations where the virus’ spread is more under control — and it … …

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