My Hero Academia Reveals a Dark Twist to All For One

My Hero Academia‘s latest “Paranormal Liberation War” arc has deepened the stakes of the series like never before. The Pro Heroes have put it on the line to confront the League of Villains’ new Paranormal Liberation Front army, and its fearsome leader Tomura Shigaraki. Thanks to the machinations of All For One and his mad scientist Dr. Ujiko, Shigaraki has undergone a grueling process that’s boosted his gruesome disintegration quirk; enhanced his body’s power and durability; and activated his All For One arsenal of stolen quirks. However, My Hero Academia‘s latest chapter reveals a dark twist to Shigaraki’s new All For One power!

My Hero Academia Manga Chapter 277 SPOILERS Follow!

Ever since Tomura Shigaraki re-awakened with his All For One quirk activated, he also had a strange new internal change, in the form of a mysterious voice in his head. That voice urged Shigaraki to seek out and steal the One For All quirk. As Shigraki has started to come into his own and embrace his new godly status, the voice seemed to get louder and louder in his head, commanding him to comply and attack Izuku Midoriya. By the latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Shigaraki’s close proximity to Deku has the voice in his head not just yelling commands – it outright possesses Shigaraki’s body, and speaks through him, calling out to the One For All power as his “Little brother.”

My Hero Academia Manga 277 Spilers Shigaraki Possesed by All For One
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

There is no question left now: All For One, My Hero Academia‘s big bad is connected to his disciple Shigaraki, through the All For One quirk they share. Apparently, All For One is powerful enough to psychically assert himself over Shigaraki’s consciousness – but the boy does not prove to be a willing host. Tomura Shigaraki takes a trip back inside his own mind/memory (a running theme for him in this arc), and finally admits that he no longer wants to stand in his master’s shadow – he wants to surpass him. Through sheer force of will, Shigaraki re-exerts control over his mind and body and takes the fight back to the pro heroes. For now, Eraserhead is keeping Shigaraki’s disintegration wave and full All For One arsenal at bay – but things don’t look good for the heroes.


The real question here is what does this twist on the All For One power mean? My Hero Academia has kept All For One and All Might on the sidelines of this Paranormal Liberation War, but it looks like that time is over – and those All Might death flags are once again flying high.

My Hero Academia has finished airing season 4 of the anime on Hulu and Funimation. Online chapters of the manga can be found HERE.

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