EC3 Teases Jumping to AEW in Latest Video

Since he was released by WWE back in April, EC3 has been developing a new persona on social media in which he shows utter contempt for all aspects of the pro wrestling business and preaches controlling one’s own narrative. He openly refuses to give interviews and doesn’t seem inclined to give answers regarding where he’s going next. Instead, he’s been releasing a series of videos that are meant to stir up speculation about his next move. So far we’ve seen him directly reference his NXT run, the possibility of joining Ring of Honor and, most recently, All Elite Wrestling.

His latest video has him indirectly referencing as many staples of AEW as possible in his speech from Cody Rhodes to the Young Bucks to Tony Khan. The video ends with the AEW logo flashing on the screen behind him.

And yet while this has been happening, Carter’s old stomping grounds of Impact Wrestling have been teasing his return to the company for weeks. His old entrance music started playing during a recent episode, and Moose has gone so far as to parody his promos to hype up a possible match at Slammiversary.

Part of Impact’s advertising for Slammiversary is that multiple recently released WWE wrestlers might show up and compete at the event. The show is scheduled for July 18, which is just a few days after most of the released wrestlers will see their 90-day “No Compete” clauses expire. Reports of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson already signing with Impact have recently started popping up, though there could be a few more starts joining them.


So will Carter make the jump to AEW? Will he go back to Impact and try to recreate the magic he had during his first run? Or will he wind up working for multiple companies and keep people guessing? Only time will tell.

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