Doom Patrol Star Diane Guerrero Says She Went Back to Therapy While Filming Season 2

On Doom Patrol, Diane Guerrero may play one character with the role of Crazy Jane, but she’s actually bringing to life a multitude of personalities — 64 in all. Due to childhood sexual assault, Jane has the large number of personalities to help protect the “real” Jane, a little girl named Kay Challis. And while that means viewers get to see a lot of excellent performances from Guerrero as she brings different Janes to life on the DC Universe/HBO Max series, it’s a lot to deal with and for Guerrero, that means being inspired to go back to therapy while filming Season 2.

In a recent appearance on Variety’s The Big Ticket podcast, Guerrero explained that she needed to be in therapy, but the show helped her realize that it was time to do so.

“I needed to be in therapy anyway,” Guerrero said. “And I just had to go back. The show and the role let me know that it was time.”

She further went on to say that one of the things Doom Patrol does — and did for her — was show that weaknesses can be strengths if they’re properly dealt with.

“We absolutely have to acknowledge our past — talk about it, normalize it, and use it as our strength, not as our weakness,” Guerrero said. “That’s what the show does. It shows you that our weaknesses can be our greatest strengths.”

Dealing with the past is and finding ways to move forward has become very much a central theme to Doom Patrol, with each of the show’s characters working through their own traumas and while Jane certainly has the most complicated presentation with her various personalities, Guerrero has previously said that those multiple personalities is part of why she loves the character so much.

“I love my character so much because I get to explore so many human emotions which makes the character so real then the most interesting part is to see how certain superpowers and those attributes fit into the different personas she has inside her and the different emotions that she has so it’s such a fun character to play,” Guerrero said. “It’s so interesting to watch someone sort of have to deal with their own issues right in front of you while having to deal with so many different personalities.”


Which one of Jane’s personalities do you hope to see in the new season of Doom Patrol? Let us know in the comments below.

New episodes of Doom Patrol land Thursdays on both DC Universe and HBO Max.

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