Counter Strike: Global Offense Major Update Available to Download

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a first-shooter game, was released in 2012 as an improved version of the original Counter-Strike. On August 31st, Valve Corporation surprised its fans with a series of updates and bug fixes.

Next we’ve compiled a list of the updates of CS:GO. For a more extensive description of the patch notes, visit Counter-Strike blog. Enjoy!


  • Competitive game mode updated with two new maps: Breach and Seaside. The breach is a defusal map which takes place in an ample corporate building.
  • Workout was removed from official matchmaking
  • The new Scrimmage mode helps players to integrate maps in competitive. Scrimmage maps are: Ruby, Breach and Seaside.
  • In Scrimmage mode, players will not have restrictions, but the skill groups are not going to be modified after the game. Abandoning a match has as result a competitive cooldown.


  • Performance increased due to the game server logs using a different thread for writing data to filesystem

Misc – fixes

  • TAG grenade is now able to propel grenades
  • The crash of bump mines and breach charges is fixed
  • Mute spinner can reach 0 on in-game players


  • Unexpected boost situation on Overpass was fixed


The Vertigo map received 11 improvements:

  • New plan of attack on Bombsite B
  • Rafters eliminated from B site entry
  • Offset HVAC units on B site, numbered them
  • New method to hurl utility into B site while hidden
  • One-way elevator shaft eliminated
  • Ladder-room added that connects up to mid chokepoint, permits utility to Bombsite A
  • The bridge was moved over elevator shaft
  • T spawns moved further back
  • The utility hole in T corridor was enlarged
  • It is easier now to jump up on scaffolding at back of A
  • The door at back of A was enlarged
  • Underwent different small bug fixes

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