Best Battle Royale Games that you Don’t Want to Miss

Lately, the battle royale games are in everybody’s attention, especially after the release of PUBG Mobile which was very well received. A lot of changes and improvements were made when it comes to the gaming field.

We have written this article to give you some suggestions of battle royale games. We think that you will love them.

Our first suggestion is Garena Free Fire. Garena Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game all over the world. We can tell you that a large number of players have tried it.

What is Garena Free Fire about?

Well, it’s a game set on an island and between 50 players, one has to win. The gamers can choose if they want to be on their own or if they want to play with their squad. And of course, Garena Free Fire involves a lot of guns, armours and a lot of vehicles too. But wait, there’s more. The players have the possibility of buying a Royal Pass, which means more features for them like new skins and more clothes.

The second option

Cyber Hunter is another battle royale game that you should definitely check out. It’s very realistic and it has many, many cool features such as gliding, climbing, a lot of parkour in general. Also, the players will be able to enjoy a lot of exciting skills that their characters have. The optical camouflage is just one of them. The developers claim that they are going to make more improvements of the game, but we think that Cyber Hunter is already very cool and fun to play.

And lastly, Call of Duty Mobile

We think that Call of Duty Mobile it’s going to be the biggest competitor of PUBG Mobile. Everybody thinks that the upcoming battle royale version of Call of Duty will be a huge success. Soon you will be able to download it on your mobile phone from Play Store.

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