Adobe Flash Player Update – Google Taking a Stand

The Flash Player from Adobe has been enjoying its success for around a decade and change. But due to its lack of efficiency over time and security vulnerabilities, it will be retired from most browsing services.

Adobe has announced in 2017 that it will no longer support Flash Player by the end of 2020. A decision which has been echoed by browsing companies and app developers alike. Google has already taken steps to disable Flash from running on their browser.

Google taking a stand

In recent months, browsing websites that have Flash content has not been automatic on Chrome. Google has separated itself from the plugin, choosing to take a stand sooner rather than later. The user needs to manually allow permission for each site to run Flash.

Chrome 76 Update

The stand that Google has made against the use of Flash has come to Chrome 76. In this version of the browser, Flash has been disabled by default in the settings. Flash content can still be accessed by manually allowing permission for each website.

The disabled Flash plugin can be re-enabled but Google recommends against that. If re-enabling Flash is something the user wants, they will get a warning about the issues the plugin brings to the table.

Enterprise Chrome and Flash player

While standard users will face difficulties in browsing Flash content on the browser, Enterprise Chrome will not see the same update. The users that have Enterprise Chrome will not need to receive a warning.

This is because many businesses still need Flash Player for their daily operations. Google has left the decision on whether or not to use Flash to the administrators.

The warning bar

A big red warning banner or sign is something Chrome will probably see in the near future. This feature is being worked on and will be implemented in short order. Chrome’s security division already has a warning system in place, so it will not be too time-consuming to modify.

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