Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson Reveals She Secretly Climbed The Grand Teton

Back in August of 2019, Captain Marvel star Brie Larson embarked on a secret mission, climbing the Grand Teton mountain in Wyoming (which stands at 13,775 ft tall). The Oscar winning actress embarked on this event with Jimmy Chin (co-director of the Oscar winning Free Solo) and Jason Walsh (Larson’s personal trainer), and naturally a camera crew. The entire experience was documented and can be watched on Larson’s freshly launched YouTube channel featuring commentary from Larson herself, Chin, and Walsh. “Because my job requires me to have like a really deep understanding and sort of control over my mind,” Larson explained. “I knew there would be stressful moments in this, it’s finding this place where I could access that’s just spacious and just kind of training my mind to do that.” You can watch the full video in the player below.

“It was not easy at all,” Larson says in the video. “It was way harder than the stuff we were doing in the gym, period. And also it’s a completely different thing when you’re climbing at a rock climbing gym where they have these like beautiful little colored rocks that you’re looking at and grabbing onto and you know what the path is. This is like you are by yourself with sometimes what feels like smooth stone, no colors telling you where your hands or your feet are supposed to go next.”

“I was just really impressed with how she could maintain her composure in a situation like that, like really impressed and I’ve taken a lot of people climbing,” Chin added. “Jason, same thing. They have that mental strength and discipline to kind of be like ‘Okay, I need to get focused, I need to be in the moment.”

“I definitely don’t think I need to do this again for at least a year,” Larson concluded. “But let’s talk about what we should do in a year!”

Marvel Studios may hope that she sets her sight a little lower with her next climbing excursion since Larson remains a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She’ll next reprise her role of Carol Danvers in a sequel to her 2019 solo film which just yesterday tapped Candyman‘s Nia DaCosta as director. Captain Marvel 2 has already had a release date shuffle, having previously been set for a July 29th, 2022 release and will now arrive on July 8th, 2022.

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